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Successfully Representing:
  • Private Individuals
  • Citizen Groups
  • Government Agencies
"I believe this is because I have established credibility with all such clients."

Serving Your Environmental Law Concerns

Lindsay Lovejoy, Jr. is an environmental lawyer with a practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since graduating from Yale Law in 1969, Lindsay has participated in matters in the United States Supreme Court and with the Department of Energy.

As an Assistant Attorney General of the state of New Mexico, Lindsay Lovejoy undertook representation of the state in connection with regulation of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. His efforts resulted in heightened protection of residents from exposure to nuclear waste, increased levels of accountability, and greater funding for New Mexico as the host state. He uses his expansive range of experience and expertise to represent his clients successfully in the following areas:
  1. Environmental law, particularly as it regulates production and management of hazardous waste at facilities like the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the National Enrichment Facility.
  2. The law of individual protection from harmful conditions such as electromagnetic and chemical exposure.
  3. Antitrust laws, especially in cases concerning mineral industries.
  4. Securities regulation and litigation.
from Lindsay Lovejoy
"As our world becomes smaller, more densely populated, and more complex, the interests of personal health, protection of one’s livelihood, and preservation of natural values and traditions in the southwest are under constant pressure. I seek to team up with clients who want to achieve legal protection for these precious values. My commitment is to advance the interests of my clients to the maximum, to favor my client’s interests above my personal convenience, and to serve diligently and at reasonable cost.

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